Sugar Free Ice Cream ~ No Ice Cream Machine Required!



Consistant with my recent push toward simplicity, I’ve started making my own ice cream. I do not own an ice cream machine so I had to experiment with a couple of different recipes and methods before I actually found something that works. That isn’t to say this recipe can’t be made in an ice cream machine, it most certainly can, it just works in the freezer as well! Today was my first attempt at chocolate, it turned out rich and decadent. I probably added too much chocolate powder but I was getting to the end of the container and figured why not. I can taste bitterness on the back end of it, perhaps I’ll add less next time. My kids and husband gave it a positive review anyway!


Sugar Free Ice Cream

Nutritional Information per 1/2 cup serving:

Calories: 250 (275 if chocolate)

Fat: 25g

Carbohydrate: 8g  (10 if chocolate)

Protein: 3.5g (5.8 if chocolate)



2 cups of whole milk

2 cups of heavy whipping cream

2 egg yolks

1 cup of Splenda (or other sucralose)

2 teaspoons of vanilla

pinch of salt

Cocoa powder to taste if making chocolate, I used 1 cup of it.



– Mix your milk, cream and 1/2 a cup of sucralose in a heavy bottomed saucepan.

– Heat this mixture until nearly boiling, stirring constantly. I like to alternate a rubber spatula and a wire wisk. Wisk it with the wisk, stopping to occasionally scrape the bottom and sides of the saucepan with the spatula. That keeps the mixture from scorching.

– Mix your egg yolks, salt, vanilla and the other 1/2 cup of sucralose in a large glass bowl.

– When your milk mixture is nearly boiling, turn the heat off and take about a cup of the mixture to temper the egg yolks with. Slowly drizzle the milk mixture into the egg yolk mixture, whisking furiously while you do so. The aim here is to heat the egg yolks up but you don’t want to heat them too quickly or you’ll end up with scrambeled egg.

– Once the egg yolks are tempered, add them back into the milk mixture.

– Turn the heat on low and return to whisking / scraping for another ten minutes or so until the mixture has started to thicken. If you’re adding cocoa, now is the time to add it.


Now you have your ice cream base. If you have an ice cream machine, make your ice cream according to the machine’s instructions. If you don’t have a machine, this next section is for  you!

– If you don’t have an ice cream machine, take a large shallow pan, preferably metal (I use a 9 x 13 baking pan) and put it in the freezer before you begin cooking.

– When you have your ice cream base made, put it straight into your chilled pan and back into the freezer.

– Set a timer for 15-20 minutes.

– Return to your ice cream and scrape all along the sides of the pan with a spoon, then furiously beat it with a wire wisk. Put the pan back in the freezer.

– Repeat this process every 20 minutes or so until your ice cream is the consistancy of soft serve.

– Put your ice cream in a container, then put it back in the freezer.


As you can see from my photograph, I’ve used little “frozen dessert” containers. I like these because you can measure out a serving, then there’s no guess work when you come to eat your ice cream.

I hope you enjoy this delicious, lower carbohydrate treat. It’s great for cheat day, kids love it and I love it for kids because I know what’s in it! Thank goodness that middle-kid seems to be over his dairy issue now.

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