2015, Year of the chicken



We’ve been planning it since last spring, but this year it will become a reality. In the spring, my husband is going to build a chicken coop and we’ll be getting eight, four week old chicks. All summer long, the kids and I collected fresh eggs from the flock down the road and I was transported back to my childhood with the taste of their eggs. I’d forgotten what real eggs tasted like, eggs you eat the same day they are laid from chickens that eat bugs and grass and run around all day.

Sadly, as the days got shorter and the farm stands started to close up shop for the winter, our eggs slowly went away. Understandably, the family that owns the farm needed the eggs for themselves and winter’s lower egg supply meant the didn’t have any to spare. So now we’re stuck with buying store eggs again until the spring.

I had chickens when I was a kid, they aren’t difficult to take care of and we live in an agricultural zone. I petitioned my husband. At first I suggested a few, maybe four. Gradually the number increased to eight and I think I’m going to ask him to build a coop that’s suitable for fifteen, just in case. I’m going to post pictures of the construction and of our new family members when the ┬átime comes.

I’m excited, I haven’t had farm animals in years so I consider myself a novice. I can’t wait to share our journey with you!