Is it summer yet?

Where do I start? We’ve had a busy spring so far. There’s been a chicken coop and a playground constructed, a garden planted, homeschool materials gathered and scanned and now I find my self counting down the days until the kids are out of a brick and mortar school. I can’t wait. When we began this journey I didn’t see myself nearly so excited. More like terrified.

The closer we get to our “start date” and the more things I see falling into place the more at ease I’m feeling. Something I told my husband recently is that no matter how stressed I am from the day, the moment I hit our driveway it starts to dissipate. I can’t wait to spend more time here. The kids are excited too. Sad about not being able to see their school friends as much (though we have promised many a visit) but other than that excited. I see a new chapter of our lives opening up.

The first thing I want to post about is the construction of our chicken coop. We built a modified version of the “Triple C” coop from A few things were changed, I like ours better. The outside painting still isn’t complete but the chickens have been living out in it for a couple of weeks and seem to be ¬†liking¬†it.

Here’s how it started. Just a humble rectangle on the ground. We were unable to bury hardware cloth because our ground is literally a few inches of topsoil covering slate. Instead, we put the hardware cloth underneath the frame. So far nothing has gotten in there, hopefully this trend continues.



Next up, some walls!




This is the first thing that my husband has ever built from scratch. It was quite the experience for both of us, I honestly think he did a phenomenal job.





I dig the siding material that he used. It was a pain in the neck to paint but it’s good strong stuff.



Here’s our finished coop. We hung the feeder and water underneath it. We’re using a nipple waterer which I love, there’s no dirty water to worry about and the chickens figured it out pretty easily. As you can see, there’s topsoil on the floor of the run. I’ve heard varying things about what your run should have in it, we opted for a layer of gravel (which the chickens promptly dug up) followed by a layer of topsoil. So far I’m liking it, the poop just kind of disappears into the topsoil.



Here are the girls (and boy)



We’re a long way off from fresh eggs yet, but they’re starting to get big. That cream colored one you see in the back is my middle son’s Easter Egger, looking forward to nice green or blue eggs from her.